2020: Cucina Casalinga is 20 years Young


This year Cucina Casalinga is 20 years Young! Twenty years ago I entered the Chamber of Commerce to register the company. With the naive dream to set up something timeless and thus pass on the love for Italian food culture. Fresh from Italy, in the Netherlands, where the general gastronomic knowledge was not like that of today. Pizza and lasagna were the only products known. Cucina has undergone a continuous organic metamorphosis over the years. From catering company to shop, to pizza delivery and simple cooking laboratory, up to certain moments ‘all concepts’ at the same time.

Now, after all these years, Cucina has developed into a nice, ‘real’ restaurant, where cooking is still done with love, but perhaps with more finesse. At least, struggled… that continuous metamorphosis probably never stops, but I am happy to see my guests and friends leave the house with a smile. As long as it stays.

To celebrate this, we will organize various activities during the year. We will keep you informed!
Below is the first announcement:

Cozy Casalinga brunch
Sunday 23 February (from 13:00 untill 18:00)
More info will follow

Life begins at 20!

Giovanni & Team Casalinga